Al’s Digital Display Work

There used to be a few digital display samples here, but in a classic “dog ate my homework” type scenario, the links are no longer working. And they tell kids nowadays that stuff they put on the internet is up there forever? Tsk.

Suffice it to say I’ve done banners, HPTOs, rich media, you name it for clients from Lucozade, McDonald’s and Mini to Irelands both Electric and Discover.

To give you an idea, here’s a typical conceptual storyboard…

While pitching to online takeaway directory, one avenue we suggested was targeting 3rd-level students who were studying for exams. We assumed that if they weren’t living at home, cooking for themselves at this time was always going to be low on their agenda, thus making them the perfect potential customers.

I33956 JE Digital Campaign Storyboards JJ_02-02

For a wider, generic audience, we also proposed dynamic banners based on geographical location, and the meteorological data for that location at any time. These would spring into life in instances of cold or wet weather around the country, suggesting to the miserable damp/freezing people of Ireland that some form of succour could be found in ordering dinner in.











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