Spot The Canadian Facebook app

For Molson Canadian’s recent ATL campaign, recognisible Irish locations, icons and scenarios were given a touch of “added Canadian”. The client wanted to extend this “Make It Canadian” vibe to their social sphere, and so it was that Declan Byrne and I came to create the “Spot The Canadian” Facebook game, based on an initial concept by Dermot O’Shea.


Played as a Facebook app, the game took the form of three first-person POV hunts around the streets of Dublin, looking for the “classically Canadian” object in each one. Click on it when you spotted it, and you proceeded to the next level. Click on anything else – including various “might-be-Canadian-but-aren’t” red herrings – and it was back to the start for another go.

In our first level, you needed to spot a “classically Canadian” polar bear.

Level two asked you to spot the incongruous sight of an ice hockey player in full kit.

The third, final level asked you to spot a pint of Molson Canadian. Click on this correctly and you completed the game, thus entering you into a draw to win a trip to Canada.

We also created a suite of display ads which brought potential players to the Molson Canadian Facebook page.








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