Tweet Hunts 2011 & 2012

IMC European Awards for 2011 Campaign: 2 Gold
(Direct 1:1 Communication / Digital Communication
and Sponsorship / Joint Effort / Tie-in)

Everyone loves Electric Picnic, but any old outfit can give tickets away without much thought about it. As official Energy Partner to the Picnic, Electric Ireland wanted to make their ticket giveaways a bit more fun, and a bit more involving of social media. So Adam Crane, Geoff Barker and I came up with the Tweet Hunt – and with Sparkhead.

In August 2011, we had 5 tickets to give away each day for a week. The daily mechanic was simple: tweet the hashtag, follow the map, find Sparkhead and tell him the codeword to get the tickets off him.
As you can see, he was a pretty popular guy:

For 2012, we wanted to bring Sparkhead back, but freshen the Hunt up. The twist was that, by tweeting #sharetheenergy each day, the map brought you to a location where a hidden codeword would be revealed. Be the first one to DM the codeword to Electric Ireland, and ol’ Sparky himself would hand-deliver your tickets.

Electric Ireland Tweet Hunt 2012 – reminder EDM

Despite some classic Irish summer conditions, Tweet Hunt 2012 proved just as popular:

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