Tweet ’em Home

On the verge of becoming simply Electric Ireland, ESB Electric Ireland was keen to bring a strong and innovative social media presence to their 2011 Christmas charitable donation process. In keeping with their annual tradition, this would see a number of Irish-based charities each enjoy a share of ESBEI’s donations.

To help facilitate this in as social and engaging a manner as possible, Adam Crane, Geoff Barker, Kieran Ivers and I came up with Tweet ’em Home for Christmas, a social media charity drive in its most literal sense. In order to discern how much each of the three chosen charities got from the ESBEI pot, we organised a “race” across Ireland, contested by three “pro-am” teams of volunteer drivers and celebrity navigators, and fuelled by public tweets.

First, we cast the net for our three drivers:

Once our three teams were in place, they set off from Dublin to Galway and back again in a memorable two-day December roadtrip that generated over 50,000 tweets between them. The charities involved got some much-welcome donations and profile boosts, and the original good time was had by all.

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