Al’s Radio Reel – shortlist

Click here to have a listen to my full reel of radio ads.

Or check out my pick of the bunch below:

The Irish Times – Imagine : *2012 LOVE RADIO AWARDS SHORTLIST* At The Irish Times, they can’t imagine a world without sport.

McDonald’s – Morning : *TODAY FM CREATIVE RADIO AWARD WINNER, SEPT. 2012* The winning version features the smartphone alarm ringtone from Hell, but I actually prefer this version, which involves a much more intricate array of alarm clocks.

Dawn Milk – Banana Cow : *2006 IRISH RADIO AWARDS WINNER* Talking to the cows who make flavoured milk happen.

Fruice – Valentines : Even when he’s not there, Mr Fruice prompts a food fight for his affections.

Roches Stores – Fashion Police : The crime is dressing badly, the rehab is Roches Stores menswear.

Tuc – Evil Genius : The fiendish trap to end all fiendish traps.

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